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... 6 This review focuses on previously published academic literature on the use of safety incentive and disincentive programs to motivate safe behaviors. However, little documented knowledge exists in this domain, especially related to DOTs' management of highway construction and maintenance crews.
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... Literature Review 7   In 2002, Banik (2002) conducted an extensive survey of construction companies to understand the types and frequency of employee incentive rewards (see Table 2.1)
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... 8 Practices to Motivate Safe Behaviors with Highway Construction and Maintenance Crews and accidents sometimes happen despite a crew's best efforts to avoid them. A crew might make substantial strides in their efforts to implement safe working practices to avoid injuries and yet still face an injury, and thus would likely miss out on the reward based on this incentive program.
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... Literature Review 9   and cover up their injuries, or the injury/hazard reporting incentive programs may result in workers providing false feedback. The behavior-based incentive program can help eliminate these problems because rewards are solely based on a worker's behavior rather than on the behavior's outcome (Karakhan and Gambatese 2018)
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... 10 Practices to Motivate Safe Behaviors with Highway Construction and Maintenance Crews (2004) , Hinze (2002)

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