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Conclusions and Suggestions Moving Forward
Pages 126-128

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... 126 Conclusions and Suggestions Moving Forward Although Phase 1 of the project did not yield the anticipated results, the research team believes they were able to create a toolkit and training that will be extremely useful for practitioners working to adapt and implement behavioral strategies in rural and tribal areas. The toolkit and training are also complementary to the recently released GHSA, State Farm funded, report America's Rural Roads: Beautiful and Deadly (GHSA 2022)
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... Number of copies distributed at conferences Website analytics Tracking at conferences Beliefs & Behaviors Self-efficacy (i.e., confidence) on developing logic models, traffic safety planning, identifying/selecting/ adapting countermeasures/ strategies, evaluative thinking Willingness to adapt a countermeasure/strategy Behaviors including developing a logic model, planning, identifying/selecting/adapting countermeasures/strategies, and evaluative thinking (e.g., establishing and tracking process measures)
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... This research project identified a uniqueness in this county type related to culture and norms surrounding speeding and drunk driving. There is an opportunity for additional research on this topic to identify and evaluate a relevant countermeasures program.

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