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... 23   Guidance on Ways to Grow Evaluative Thinking You and those working with you will invest significant time and resources in planning and implementing countermeasures and strategies to improve roadway safety. Taking even small evaluation steps can reveal ways that you can be more effective.
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... 24 Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural and Tribal Areas: A Guide appropriate audience reached, and to what extent? Following are some specific examples of process evaluation questions: – If the countermeasure or strategy called for 5 days of enhanced visible enforcement, did that actually happen?
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... Guidance on Ways to Grow Evaluative Thinking 25   Intervention: • Track the number and type of cases in impaired driving court. • Survey community members before, during, and after activities that promote bystander engagement to assess their comfort in asking others not to drive after drinking and whether they have asked anyone to not drive in the past month.

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