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... 1   Fatalities and serious injuries associated with roadway crashes are a significant public health concern in rural and tribal settings. While about 14% of the U.S.
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... 2 Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural and Tribal Areas: A Guide • Safer vehicles: Expand the availability of vehicle systems and features that help to prevent crashes and minimize the impact of crashes on both occupants and nonoccupants. • Safer speeds: Promote safer speeds in all roadway environments through a combination of thoughtful, context-appropriate roadway design; targeted education; outreach campaigns; and enforcement.
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... Box 2. Sources of Funding for Improving Roadway Safety in Rural and Tribal Settings Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A)
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... 4 Highway Safety Behavioral Strategies for Rural and Tribal Areas: A Guide This guide is for anyone who wants to improve roadway safety in rural and tribal settings. It focuses on countermeasures and strategies to promote safer decisions by road users (often called behavioral countermeasures or strategies)

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