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... 4 Introduction The COVID-19 Pandemic According to the U.S. National Intelligence Council (2021)
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... Introduction 5   remote work. With technology manufacturers and supply firms also being impacted by employees unable to work due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, obtaining needed equipment to support a remote workforce was not easy.
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... 6 Impacts of COVID-19 on Airport Work Models and Strategies By late spring 2022, pandemic-era restrictions were all but gone. After two years of unprecedented restrictions and serious concern for health and safety, Americans could finally return to some sense of normalcy -- just in time for summer 2022.
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... Introduction 7   Chapter 3: Literature Review, presents findings obtained from a thorough review of the literature, aiding the reader in more deeply understanding this issue, including relevant research. Topics include impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizational responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and considerations in supporting a remote workforce.

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