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... 31   This chapter describes the assembly of data on the U.S. vehicle fleet as part of this research.
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... 32 Highway and Street Design Vehicles: An Update 4.2 Vehicle Specification Data Data on vehicle specifications, including dimensions, and, when available, turning radii of specific vehicle makes and models, were sought from internet searches of vehicle manufacturers' websites and published vehicle characteristics data. Data were generally sought for the model year 2019 vehicles.
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... Assembly of Data on the Current Vehicle Fleet 33 Each vehicle make and model, or variation of a make and model, was treated as an individual data point. Some vehicle makes and models have greater unit sales or are driven more miles than others.
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... 34 Highway and Street Design Vehicles: An Update Figure 12. Typical video camera setup for photographic data collection.
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... Assembly of Data on the Current Vehicle Fleet 35 were calibrated by measuring several trailers known to be 53 ft in length and the known lane widths, any vehicle image from that video setup could be used to measure the vehicle dimensions. Preliminary testing with the 53-ft calibration vehicles established that the measured lengths of 53-ft trailers could be reproduced within ±0.4 ft or less than 1%.

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