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Vision Framework Development and Refinement
Pages 10-14

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From page 10...
... The event convened 53 leading practitioners and thought leaders in and related to transportation, includ- • Initial concepts for five breakthrough ideas or moonshots that ing the NCHRP 20-24(138) project panel, 10 additional state DOT would advance these shared goals through collective action CEOs, and 36 additional subject matter experts.
From page 11...
... Between megaregions within the United States -- create "Interstate 2.0": rebuild critical corridors (all modes) with 21st century design and materials; close connectivity gaps on multiple modes -- highways, rail, water, and air -- to support interstate commerce; refocus corridor rights-of-way as pathways for mobility, energy, water, broadband, other systems.
From page 12...
... In addition, the project team scheduled individual briefings with the leadership of multiple state DOTs to share the vision frameInput on Draft Vision Framework work and receive input on implementation. These discussions proThe project team received input on the draft vision framework from vided additional input to help expand the list of potential actions multiple sources during the summer and fall of 2022.
From page 13...
... This revised framework included three follow-up webinar or who could provide additional input on partic components: ular moonshot concepts. These additional briefings helped refine the moonshot concepts and partnership opportunities related to • A vision, now expressed as a single statement focused on access to opportunity and the digital overlay on the Interstates.
From page 14...
... Prioritize strategies and investments to Build and sustain diverse, inclusive partnerships reflecting community visions and needs strengthen communities at all scales. Make major transportation decisions in collaboration with community visions and customer needs.

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