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Introduction and Purpose
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... The creation of the Interstate Highway System, like the development The objectives of this project are to explore and articulate what of the first intercontinental railroad a century earlier, was transforma- state DOTs can do collectively and individually to establish and realtional, ushering in a new era of transportation, economic develop- ize a transformative vision of the next era of America's transportation ment, and social change in the nation's history. President Eisenhower's infrastructure, a vision and infrastructure to support the nation's consigning of the Interstate Highways and Defense Act in 1956 and the tinued prosperity and well-being, by: driving of the "Last Spike" at Promontory Summit, Utah, in 1869 were • Describing -- through scenarios or other means -- the social, techsymbolic moments -- comparable to landing a person on the moon -- nological, and economic trends and evolution of community values, in the establishment of a bold vision and the infrastructure back problems, and priorities now and in coming years that are likely to bone that supported and shaped our economy and communities for influence the role of transportation in local, regional, and national decades.

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