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Appendix A. Copy of Practitioner Survey
Pages 118-120

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From page 118...
... 1. Respondent Contact Information Name Title Organization State/Province Email Phone 2.
From page 119...
... (Please mark all that apply.)  Traffic Engineering  Traffic Operations / Transportation System Management & Operations  Roadway Design  Work Zone Design  Construction Management  Roadway Maintenance  Program Management  Long-Range Planning  Other (please indicate)
From page 120...
...  RTOR is assumed to be zero  RTOR is based on the default values from the signal timing software  RTOR is obtained from recent traffic counts at the intersection itself  RTOR is estimated using observed RTOR from older traffic counts at the intersection itself  RTOR is estimated based on observations from similar intersections  RTOR is estimated based on the volumes for conflicting motor vehicle or pedestrian movements  RTOR is estimated based on engineering judgment and past experience 11. Which software package(s)

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