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... 1 C H A P T E R 1 Introduction Since 2018, state departments of transportation (DOTs) have been required to develop risk-based Transportation Asset Management Plans (TAMPs)
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... 2 • Risk management (515.7(c)
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... 3 balance between data accuracy and collection cost. Best practices for the sampling approach are defined in NCHRP 677: Development of Levels of Service for the Interstate Highway System (Dye Management Group et al.
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... 4 Phase I Phase I (Tasks 1–3) of this project focused on assessing current practices to develop a framework for incorporating maintenance costs into a TAMP.
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... 5 • Executive Summary – The Executive Summary is tailored to transportation executives, such as directors, administrators, and transportation commissioners. It focusses on conveying the purpose, overall approach, and benefits of the guidance.
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... 6 • Chapter 4 – Implementation and Further Research. Details the documents developed to support and advance the use of the Guide.

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