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... 58 C H A P T E R 4 Implementation and Further Research The Guide provides a comprehensive framework for incorporating maintenance costs into a TAMP. However, as demonstrated in the peer exchanges described in Chapter 2, each transportation agency has unique terminology, policies, practices, systems, data, and capabilities that make each implementation of the Guide unique.
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... 59 Webinars with AASHTO In 2021, the AASHTO Committee on Maintenance reached out to the research team with interest in conducting a series of webinars on the topic of incorporating maintenance costs into a TAMP. The research team, with support from the project panel, has organized three webinars prior to the Guide's publication.
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... 60 and contacts. The team members can also coordinate with associations such as AASHTO, AMPO, or FHWA to distribute the information to their members.
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... 61 Peer Exchanges The peer exchange held under task 1 of this project was well attended and well received. The continued requests from AASHTO for additional virtual events and acceptance of the workshop at the TRB Annual Meeting suggest there is continued interest in interactive discussions on this topic.
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... 62 • Identifying best practices for optimizing maintenance delivery mechanisms – choosing between crews and contracts. As documented in the peer exchanges, agencies are faced with difficult decisions regarding how best to deliver needed maintenance both in the near and long term.

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