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... 287   6.1 Conclusions and Recommendations The following conclusions and recommendations have been developed in this research: 1. Pedestrian and bicycle SPFs presented in this report have been developed for use in the HSM to help inform planning, design, and operation decisions by transportation practitioners at all levels.
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... 288 Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Performance Functions work plan development and development of the modeling approaches, consideration was given to how underreporting of pedestrian and bicycle crashes could be incorporated into the pedestrian and bicycle crash prediction models that would be developed as part of this research, but given the current state of knowledge and practice, no logical and defensible approach was identified that would provide reliable results. Thus, as with all existing HSM models, the pedestrian and bicycle SPFs developed as part of this research do not account for underreporting of pedestrian and bicycle crashes.
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... Conclusions, Recommendations, and Future Research 289   6. Engineering judgment also leads to the perception that an increase in speed of motor vehicle traffic should likely increase the frequency of pedestrian and bicycle crashes, and, within the modified RAP methodology presented in this report, the models predict an increase in pedestrian and bicycle crashes with an increase in motor vehicle speeds through use of the motor vehicle traffic speed factors.

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