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6 Closing Discussion
Pages 77-80

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From page 77...
... Zhang said that what had most stood out to her was the need for more data on what is and is not working in efforts to increase the power of young people as well as the need to understand the political climate and take advantage of it. Acknowledging the last panel, Yu emphasized the need to further examine what works in building the infrastructure needed to bring youth involvement to scale.
From page 78...
... . needs to be a part of our mantra." Garcel said that her key takeaways were "creating spaces for healing for our young people and the concept of youth as experts." Baxter then posed a final question for the planning committee, noting that the day's discussion about the infrastructure needed to support youth power addressed two distinct issues -- one around youth power within the nonprofit sector, community-based organizations, and philanthropies, and another around "real [youth]
From page 79...
... She said that "the arts are such an important part of how young people get engaged and show their leadership and their expertise." Garcel added that private-sector boards, including those of hospitals and colleges, need to make seats available for young people instead of "power and proceeds" being what drives how those seats are filled. She said, "it is the people who are impacted by these larger institutions that need to be heard and seen." Baxter said that he thought "one of the most compelling things we heard today was how often young people are at literally the bleeding edge of the unfair impacts that are happening in society and yet so often the last to be heard or to be considered or to be brought in around both understanding the problem and driving the solution." Baxter thanked everyone for "an extraordinary day" and concluded the workshop.

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