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... 1   The construction, maintenance, and operation of transportation infrastructure require immense quantities of products and materials. New products, materials, engineered systems, and innovative technologies are presented to state departments of transportation (DOTs)
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... 2 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes The case examples were conducted to emphasize the survey results and to dig deeper into state DOT PEPs and A/QPLs. State DOTs were selected for a case example interview based on whether they completed the survey, use a formal state DOT PEP, have a comprehensive A/QPL, and have a willingness to participate.
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... Summary 3 existing specification. While the survey results and case examples did show that state DOTs evaluate products that do not align with the A/QPL, the process is not as defined and can take considerably more time than those products that do align with a state DOT's A/QPL.
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... 4 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes one person, the New Product Engineer (NPE) , facilitates the entire state DOT PEP.
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... Summary 5 Once a product is approved and added to the A/QPL, state DOTs have varying timelines regarding the maintenance of that approval status. According to the survey results, 60% (25)

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