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... 6 1.1 Introduction The construction, maintenance, and operation of transportation infrastructure use massive numbers of different externally produced products. While departments of transportation (DOTs)
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... Synthesis Overview 7   online for agencies and third parties to access and conveniently recognize which products are available for their use in construction and maintenance operations. In addition to individual state DOT PEPs and A/QPLs, AASHTO created the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)
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... 8 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes • Typical evaluation timelines, including the time to review and approve products once they are submitted and to re-evaluate products once they expire; • Relevant procurement policies for various products; • Follow-up processes, including periodic re-evaluation and addressing performance issues; • Use of other states' A/QPLs or subunits of government use of DOT A/QPLs; and • DOT usage of the AASHTO NTPEP and associated resources. 1.3 Study Approach The synthesis began with a literature review to develop the initial understanding of the current state of research and practice for PEPs at state DOTs.
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... Synthesis Overview 9   Figure 1. Map of state DOTs that responded to the survey.

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