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... 77   The intent of state DOT PEPs is to provide a consistent approach to evaluating the potential applications and performances of products, materials, engineered systems, and innovative technologies to be used in construction projects and maintenance operations. The variation in the products and materials used requires a wide range of specifications, testing methods, payment approaches, and subject-matter expertise.
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... 78 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes PEP and A/QPL processes and procedures, terminology understanding, and highlighted areas for investigation in developing and conducting the national survey. The national survey was conducted to capture the breadth of the state of practice regarding the use of state DOT PEPs.
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... Summary of Findings 79   that are for previously defined uses and are likely part of the A/QPL and align with an existing specification, state DOTs likely have existing testing and performance measures that must be met for approval. Additional information may also be reciprocated with the manufacturer through the evaluation process.
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... 80 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes in reducing timelines. Regarding the state DOT PEP procedure manuals reviewed, a specific number of days is to be stated, such as receiving requested information from a manufacturer or supplier within 30 days, or the evaluation is terminated.
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... Summary of Findings 81   be due to noticeable performance issues in the field, a product not being used, or the changing of state DOT specifications. The case example interviews highlighted that product removal remains in place until a manufacturer makes changes to their products and resubmits the product for re-evaluation.
From page 82...
... 82 State DOT Product Evaluation Processes 5.9 Use of Other State DOT PEPs and A/QPLs State DOTs also noted using the A/QPLs of other states. The case examples found that practice can be implemented but with care.

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