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Appendix A Background Information on Committee Members
Pages 177-180

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From page 177...
... }le is a past member of the NRC Board on Toxicology and Environs mental Health Hazards and has served on several ARC committees that evaluated the risks of environmental pollutants. MORTON CORN is Director of the Division of Environmental Health Engineering at the School of Bygiene and Public Health, The Johns Hopkins University.
From page 178...
... Be recently completed a study of regulatory decisions making on carcinogens for the Administrative Conference of the IJnited States that Focused on FOA's regulation of food contaminants, CPSC's regulation of chronic hazards, OSEA's program for workplace carcinogens, and Me EPA pesticides program. Dean Merrill is a member of the Institute of Medicine and the Am: Board on Toxicology and Environmental Bealth Hazards.
From page 180...
... Before gaining his current position, he was a Staff Scientist at Stanford Research Institute and served as a consultant to NIOSE. Be also served as Associate Corporate Medical Director at Onion Carbide.

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