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Measuring Poverty A New Approach (1995) / Chapter Skim
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Pages 385-390

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From page 385...
... This literature identifies sampling procedures that can be applied to maximize the informational content of surveys at minimum cost and to develop appropriate weighting schemes to create a consumption bundle that 385
From page 386...
... Instead of using strong scientific research to produce recommendations that would compel a particular policy approach, the panel has made recommendations with little scientific bases. My dissent focuses on four major recommendations and conclusions: measuring the poverty line, choosing a range for the poverty line, updating the poverty line, and accounting for medical care in measuring family resources.
From page 387...
... Second, the fact that the government provided medical care to the poor on an entitlement basis long before it established entitlements for either food or housing assistance might suggest that medical care is every bit as basic a need as the former set of commodities. Also, the fact that the U.S.
From page 388...
... Unfortunately, the report provides no information on the level of economic deprivation among persons at any of the poverty levels discussed. MEASURING FAMILY RESOURCES: THE ISSUE OF MEDICAL CARE For measuring family resources, the report recommends that out-of-pocket expenditures for medical care be subtracted from a family's income.
From page 389...
... In fact, the dollar value of this percentage $1,800 to $3,200 is more than one-half the actuarial value of Medicaid for the noninstitutionalized population and close to the cost of a typical private insurance plan. Second, the panel could have obtained the same range for the poverty threshold by including medical care as a fourth basic commodity and basing the threshold on the 20th instead of the 30th percentile of the con .
From page 390...
... To my disappointment, the panel has missed an extraordinary opportunity to enlighten and inform government officials about problems of measuring poverty and about the solutions to those problems. REFERENCES Grossman, M

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