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... APPENDIX B 14 Session 7 Summary and Wrap-Up Since this workshop will provide the intellectual underpinning for the next event (i.e., the forum in Spring 1993) , it will be important to summarize what the group learned during these two days and what types of questions would be relevant for the forum.
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... How do the expectations of individual and corporate network users accord with existing laws? The responses of the general public, private organizations, and government to these questions will shape the progress and impact of electronic networking in U.S.
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... To achieve this broader discussion, forum panelists and moderators will explore several scenarios that illustrate the kinds of questions, issues, and choices that must be made in operating, managing, and setting policies for networked communities. The scenarios for panel discussions are described at the end of this program.
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... · Pamela Samuelson (University of Pittsburgh) · Robert Simons (DIALOG Information Services)

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