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E Technical Notes on the Recalculation Exercise
Pages 308-310

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From page 308...
... It is necessary to adjust for some possible misreporting of mistimed births as unwanted births. Although the estimation of "unwantedness" is quite good in the aggregate, this is a category of births for which misclassification seems to In this appendix only, births resulting from unwanted pregnancies are referred to as unwanted births, and births resulting from mistimed pregnancies are referred to as mistimed births.
From page 309...
... BIRTHS MISTIMED AT CONCEPTION Births that are mistimed are those births that were wanted at some time in the future but that occurred sooner than they were wanted as a result of contraceptive misuse, nonuse, or failure. The effect of mistimed fertility cannot be properly estimated by simply observing the distribution of births intended at conception, since this would incorrectly reallocate births away from groups with higher proportions of unintended births, such as women with less education.
From page 310...
... , We avoidance of unintended fertility could potentially reduce this proportion to the 21 percent that are intended births to unmarried mowers a 45 percent reduction overall. Of course, the complete elimination of unintended fertility is an unrealistic goal, but the experience of other countries makes it likely that a serious effort could move the United States substantially in that direction- with proportional improvements in Me well-being of future generations.

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