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From page 509...
... DIE drift tube linac DWPF Defense Waste Processing Facility (Savannah) ECU European currency units ETA Energy Information Administration EPA Environmental Protection Agency EPR} Electric Power Research Institute ERA Energy Reorganization Act ERDA Energy Research and Development Administration PETS Final Environmental Impact Statement FFTF Fast Flux Test Facility 509
From page 510...
... {CRP International Commission on Radiation Protection IFR integral fast reactor I:LW intermediate-level waste INEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory rNFCE International Fuel Cycle Evaluation LAMPF Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility LAMPRE Los Alamos Molten Plutonium Reactor Experiment LANE Los Alamos National Laboratory LED low enriched uranium EGR liquid graphite reactor LLW low-level wastes .LMFBR liquid-metal fast breeder reactor EMFR liquid-metal fast reactors EMR liquid-metal reactor EWR light-water reactor MA minor actinide MOD Mined Geologic Disposal MOX mixed oxide MRS monitored retrieval storage. MSRE Molten Salt Reactor Experiment MTHM metric tons of heavy metal MTTHM metric tons of initial heavy metal MTU metric tons uranium MUF material unaccounted for MOOD/MT megawatt-days per metric tons NAS National Academy of Sciences NCRP National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements NEA Nuclear Energy Agency
From page 511...
... Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development Option Making Extra Gains Dom Actinides and Fission Products (Japan) Oak Ridge National Laboratory Partitioning and Transmutation particle bed reactor Pacific Northwest Laboratory probabilistic risk assessment power reactor, innovative, small module The Paul Scherrer Institute plutonium and uranium recovery by extraction pressurized water reactor Resource Conservation and Recovery Act oxidation-reduction chemistry process radio frequency radio frequency quadrop separations and transmutation secure automated fabrication sodium advanced fast reactor Safety Analysis Report Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 Site Characterization Plan Savannah River Site single-shell Committee on Separations and Transmutation Systems separative work unit tributy!

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