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... . Science priorities that are needed to understand the consequences of broadscale ecosystem modifications can be cast within the strategic framework being used by the Water Resources and Coastal and Marine Environments Research Subcommittee of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Research: Integrated Monitoring, Water Availability and Flow, Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystem Functions, Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation, and Predictive Systems Management.
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... Federal science agencies can help implement ecosystem management by working with various bodies engaged in research and management, including Regional Marine Research Program boards; National Estuary Program components; and Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and Gulf of Mexico programs. The goal should be to optimize the contribution of national programs to ecosystem management and to foster geographically targeted, strategic research that is intense enough to address ecosystem-level questions but avoids narrow prescriptions, to allow scientific creativity and program evaluation in response to new knowledge.
From page 79...
... SUMMARY OF CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS 79 this strategy continue to involve input and review by the scientific, policy, and management communities. However, CENR should also seek to integrate and coordinate scientific activities in the coastal ocean and Great Lakes that are related to global climate change, resource use, biodiversity, natural disasters, public health, and national security with those contributing and maintaining ecosystem integrity and advancing fundamental science.

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