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... In 1994 this act was amended to include two additional sites of cancer, namely, the salivary gland and urinary tract (Public Law 102-578~. Now the concern of some people extends beyond the health risk to the veterans and involves health issues related to their children, grandchildren, and 9
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... 3. Finally, the committee was asked to determine if other sources of information would yield similar results at a lower cost or in less time (while experimental animal studies could address some of the scientific issues discussed in this report, the committee has interpreted this charge to pertain to alternative epidemiologic studies that could yield similar results at a lower cost or in less time)
From page 11...
... To determine the feasibility of an epidemiologic study, it is necessary to establish which health endpoints are thought to be associated with a particular exposure or exposures. Although Public Law 103-446, Section 508, describes the general categories of health effects that are to be evaluated, to meet its charge, it was important for the committee to obtain information from the Atomic Veterans regarding their specific concerns.
From page 12...
... Cost and time are also affected by the numbers and types of outcomes to be studied, and in reviewing the outcomes included in Public Law 103-446, Section 508, it is not clear that all of them would have equal weight. The third charge to the committee was to determine whether there are other sources of information that could yield similar results at a lower cost or in less time.

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