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Review of Army Requirements
Pages 12-17

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From page 12...
... The resulting new National Military Strategy envisions smaller military forces capable of rapid force projection from the continental United States and forward deployed locations. Force levels are to be maintained at sufficient strength to deal with two regional contingencies nearly simultaneously.
From page 13...
... The vision of future battle command is reflected in the Army Battle Command Systems (Army Training and Doctrine Command, 1993~. Both documents, along with the information provided to the committee by Army briefers, offer broad statements of Army requirements for battlefield communications and information distribution.
From page 14...
... For example, the linkage of the tank laser range finder with an on-board computer, position location device, turret orientation sensor, and digital radio would permit the accurate transfer of a target from the tank commander to another tank, an Apache helicopter, or the direct support artillery by simply touching a fire request prompt on the screen display. Battle Space Expansion Commanders must be able to see and act throughout the depth, breadth, and height of the battlefield.
From page 15...
... TABLE 2-l Summary of the Army Operational Needs, Including Simulation, and Functional Requirements Army Operational Needs (Including Simulation) Functional Requirements Improved situational awareness Common, relevant picture of the battlefield Command on-the-move Improved target handoff Battle space expansion Information protection Sensors Intercept capabilities Accurate position location Automated platform monitoring Interconnected communications networks Remotely accessed databases Decision support aids Scalable data Flexible graphics Common distributed database Ability to access database Interconnected communications to transmit imagery, data, voice/selective access "Eavesdrop'.
From page 16...
... All of the Army leaders emphasized the importance of "digitizing the battlefield" in order to take advantage of the potential afforded by modern information technology, and all identified the same broad requirements as articulated in the briefings and documents available to the committee. In addition, the discussions also provided a sharper view of some important considerations associated with achieving the Army's future battle command concept.
From page 17...
... U.S. Arrny Modernization Plan, Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

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