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Appendix C: Acknowledgments
Pages 93-94

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From page 93...
... ; Robert Hermann, senior vice president for science and technology, United Technologies Corporation; Robert Huggett, assistant administrator for research and development, Environmental Protection Agency; Anita Jones, director, Defense Research and Engineering, Department of Defense; Neal Lane, director, National Science Foundation; Anne Petersen, deputy director, National Science Foundation; Kathleen Peroff, deputy associate director, Energy and Science Division, Office of Management and Budget. The committee also extends its thanks to the following members of Congress and congressional staff who provided background and additional information to the chair and staff: Senator Christopher Bond (R-MO)
From page 94...
... The committee is grateful to all those who attended its outreach sessions and to the following individuals for their assistance with its outreach efforts: Gerhard Casper, president, Stanford University; Charles Kruger, vice provost for research and policy, Stanford University; Kathy Eslinger, executive assistant to the vice provost for research and policy, Stanford University; and Nancy Mallory and Susie Pruett, assistants to the vice president of research and development, University of Texas at Austin. Finally, the committee would like to recognize the special contributions of both the National Research Council staff and the independent consultants who served on the study: Norman Metzger, executive director of the Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications, who served as the study director; Robert Cook-Deegan of the Institute of Medicine, who served as the senior program officer; Michael McGeary, Christopher T

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