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B Presentations to the Committee
Pages 109-110

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From page 109...
... Fein, Office of Naval Research, "ONR Perspectives on National Maritime Technology Needs" Jose Femenia, Jr., State University of New York Maritime College, "The Education Committee of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers" John Goodman, National Council of Economic Advisors, "Current Government Efforts to Aid Shipbuilding" Albert Herberger, Maritime Administrator, "U.S. Maritime Administration National Shipbuilding Initiative" David H
From page 110...
... McGrath, Advanced Research Projects Agency, "DoD Initiatives in ‘Big M' Manufacturing" Paul Mentz, Maritime Administration, "MARAD and Shipbuilding" Robert F O'Neill, American Waterways Shipyard Conference, "The Needs of Second-Tier Shipyards" Frank Peterson, Office of Naval Research, "Shipbuilding in East Asia and Australia" Charles Piersall, AMADIS, Inc., "ASTM and ISO -- Partners for International Success -- a 21st Century Necessity" Ronnal Reichard, Structural Composites, Inc., "Application of Composites to Large Commercial Ships" Nils Salvesen, Science Applications International Corporation, "Advanced Physics-Based Simulation Technology for Shipbuilding Industry, Operators and Regulatory Organizations" George Sawyer, Sperry Marine, "Simultaneous Commercial and Military Manufacturing" Robert W

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