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Executive Summary
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... Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the Office of Naval Research asked the National Research Council, through the NRC's Marine Board, to assess: 1
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... The study was conducted by a specially appointed committee of experts with extensive expertise in a broad array of relevant disciplines. This committee, the National Research Council Committee on National Needs in Maritime Technology, based its conclusions and recommendations on committee members' firsthand knowledge of international shipyards, ship acquisition, and technical exchange agreements between U.S.
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... Providing help in these areas is the thrust of the Maritime Systems Technology program in Advanced Research Projects Agency. With increased emphasis on the areas of greatest need -- for example, by requiring viable business plans for all Maritime Systems Technology projects -- the Maritime Systems Technology program should run its course.
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... commercial shipbuilding: • The Department of Defense should acquire all noncombatant ships, in cluding the ships for the Sealift Program, using totally commercial speci fications and commercial procurement practices. • The Advanced Research Projects Agency should continue its current ef fort in Maritime Systems Technology, concentrating on the "front end" of the process, including business-process and simulation technologies, in addition to those related to product design.
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... industry must overcome; and, especially, by determining as accurately as possible the direct and indirect subventions and subsidies of foreign governments to their shipbuilding industries. • The Office of Naval Research should continue to support faculty mem bers through fellowships; through research projects directed at Navy ob jectives; and, to the extent possible, through projects that have economic impacts.

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