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Appendix E: Outlines of Sample Simulator-Based Training Courses
Pages 241-245

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From page 241...
... MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY, KINGS POINT, NEW YORK U.S. Coast Guard License Programs Deck Officer: training in nautical science as preparation for the third mate's license examination.
From page 242...
... 2. Understand the importance of monitoring and assessing traffic situations and identify collision risks as it applies to: • a real-world application of the COLREGSs in clear and restricted visibility, • proper use of VHF communications, • the need to maintain an efficient lookout and to take visual bearings to determine drift, • clear and concise reports to the master using relative bearings and drift, • timely and substantial alterations of course, • special circumstances and ambiguous rules-of-the-road situations, • how to maneuver the vessel in extremes.
From page 243...
... . BRIDGE TEAM MANAGEMENT COURSE, SOUTHAMPTON INSTITUTE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, MARITIME OPERATIONS CENTRE, SOUTHAMPTON, UNITED KINGDOM The following are the aims and objectives of the Centre's Full-Mission Ship's Bridge Simulator Course followed by the objectives of the scheme of
From page 244...
... Participants completing the course will be able to appraise and formulate a detailed passage plan including but not limited to: • no-go and danger areas, • margins of safety, • track to be made good, • use of transits (ranges) clearing bearings and distances, • visual cues, • parallel indexing, • conspicuous radar targets, • course alterations and wheelovers • speed and timing of progress, • aborts and contingencies, • allowance for squats, and • interpretation and use of maneuvering data.
From page 245...
... 6. Recognized and dealt with various developing traffic situations in accor dance with the collision regulations.

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