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Appendix B: Workshop Topics and Speakers
Pages 215-218

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... APPENDIX B Workshop Topics and Speakers WORKSHOP ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: RESEARCH, PRACTICE, AND POLICY National Research Council Foundry Building Washington, D.C. June 26-27, 1995 MEASURING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: EPIDEMIOLOGY AND DATA COLLECTION Moderator: Lucy Berliner, Harborview Sexual Assault Center Speaker: Dean Kilpatrick, Director, Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, Medical University of South Carolina Discussants: Ronet Bachman, Bureau of Justice Statistics Linda Saltzman, Behavioral Scientist, National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Susan Sorenson, School of Public Health, UCLA THE ROLE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ABUSE Moderator: Lucy Friedman, Victim Services Speaker: Judith Herman, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard University 215
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... Science, Cook County Hospital Barnes Wright, Critical Incident Response Group, FBI Academy Moderator: Speakers: SEXUAL OFFENDERS AND BATTERERS Jeffrey Edleson, University of Minnesota Donald Dutton, University of British Columbia Howard Barbaree, Clarke Institute of Psychiatry Discussants: Neil M Malamuth, University of California at Los Angeles Amy HoTtzworth-Monroe, Indiana University Oliver Williams, University of Minnesota CULTURALLY SENSITIVE RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Moderator: KimberIe Crenshaw, UCLA School of Law Speaker: Lettie Lockhart, University of Georgia Discussant: Robert Hampton, University of Maryland Ilena Norton, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES Moderator: David Ford, Indiana University-Purclue University at Indianapolis Speaker: Ellen Fisher, Texas Council on Family Violence Discussants: Barbara Hart, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence Evelyn Tomaszewski, Victims Asistance Network, Northern Virginia Moderator: LIFESPAN PERSPECTIVES ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN Linda Williams, Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire Speakers: Ann Burgess, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania Richard Gel:les, Director, Family Violence Research Program, University of Rhode Island Patricia Resick, University of Missouri at St.
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... WORKSHOP TOPICS AND SPEAKERS 217 RESEARCH, PRACTICE, AND POLICY Moderator: Mark Appelbaum, Vanclerbilt University Speaker: Tohn Briere, University of Southern California Medical School Discussants: Richard Gelles, Director, Family Violence Research Program, University of Rhode Island Anne plenary, Director, National Resource Center on Domestic Violence Ted Miller, National Public Services Research Institute

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