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From page 6...
... Natural variations with time scales of decades to centuries may well be masking anthropogenic climate changes that have already been effected, and will continue to do so. We must be able to recognize natural variability and its results if we are to make reasoned estimates as to whether a particular climate perturbation or trend is likely to have been induced by human activities, or simply represents a natural variation.
From page 7...
... Not only have climate variations on decade-to-century time scales received significantly less attention than seasonal and interannual climate variations, or even the glacial/interglacial periods, but for nearly two decades natural variations have been overshadowed by much-publicized concerns about the possibility of long-term changes caused by increases in
From page 8...
... For example, the cryosphere, through snow cover, sea ice, and land ice, can influence climate over subseasonal to millennial time scales. It has been implicated in a number of important climate processes, including icealbedo feedbacks, thermohaline circulation, and abrupt climate change.

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