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... The committee's statement of task charges it to report on He current state and progress of the scientific and technical issues that form the core of a submission by DOE to EPA for certification of the WIPP facility. Because DOE's compliance certification application to the EPA consists largely of conclusions drawn from DOE investigations, it is timely to comment on results of committee evaluations and their Implications with regard to the overall suitability of WIPP as a repository ~Transuranic elements are those elements with atomic number greater than that of uranium.
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... The WIPP facility includes surface support buildings, a waste-handling building, four shafts, and the mined underground operations area. The repository is located approximately 658 m (2,160 fit)
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... · Provided it is sealed effectively and remains undisturbed by human activity, the committee finds that Me WIPP repository has the ability to isolate TRU waste for more than 10,000 years. The geologic stability and isolation capability of the Salado Formation, which consists of bedded salt, are the primary factors leading to this finding.
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... The insights gained from the simpler mode} as to which components of the isolation system are most cntical to imp roved repository performance would serve a very useful role In decision making and In resource allocation for WIPP. It is essential, of course, that the simpler PA models still identify correctly the key features, events, OPT: A Potential Solution for the Disposal of Transuranic Waste and processes upon which repository performance depends.
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... of the TRU waste to be placed in a well-engineered WIPP repository is unwarranted to fiercer improve repository performance, because gas generation is not a serious concern (see Chapter 3~.
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... Re-evaluation of the probability and/or consequences assigned to highly speculative scenarios of future human activities may reduce the estimated risk of radionuclide release.

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