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From page 129...
... The subcommittee was given a conceptual outline of the use of actinide source term data in the performance assessment (PA; Ruth Weiner, Sandia National Laboratories, personal communication to S Clark, January IS, 1996~; however, in the absence of experimental data explicitly used in the performance assessment, it was not possible to review this part of the program.
From page 130...
... Studies in STTP Experiments Mineral Fragments SNL Oct-93 Jan-96 Actinide Intrinsic Colloids LLNL,LAML Ju1-95 May-96 Humic Substances SNL, LANL, Ju1-95 Ju1-96 Gatson Microbes Source: Papenguth and Behl (1996 a,b) ; Novak (1995b)
From page 131...
... Concerns The following are specific concerns about details of the planned experimental work on actinide solubility: · Most aspects of the experimental program and assumptions in the performance assessment are based 131 on thermodynamic models; however, reaction kinetics may be important in determining the acting concentrations measured in experiments or modeled In the performance assessment. · One question is the suitability of the specific-ion interaction theory (SIT)
From page 132...
... Solutions carrying the colloids will be made up to simulate brine concentrations expected in the Culebra, and samples of the solutions will flow through both crushed dolomite and intact-core columnar dolomite. Transport experiments with bacteria as colloidal particles will be especially important, because microorganisms may serve either to increase radionuclide transport by sorbing abundant actinide ions or to decrease transport because the organisms carrying sorbed actinides are themselves strongly sorbed on rock surfaces (Marshal, 1976~.
From page 133...
... should be carried on long enough and with sufficient variation in conditions to ensure an adequate replica of Be natural situation. In particular, the amount of sorption provided by the corrensite coating on parts of the Culebra dolomite requires cared!

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