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... critical coagulation concentration LWA Land Withdrawal Act CCDF complementary cumulative distribution Ma millions of years ago function MB marker bed CH contact handled MPa megapascal Ci curie MTHM metric tons of heavy metal DCCA Draft Compliance Certification NAS NationalAcademyof Sciences Application NMED New Mexico Environment DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement Department DOE U.S. Department of Energy NRC National Research Council DRZ disturbed rock zone ONWI Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation E1 a scenario in which the WIPP repository PA performance assessment is breached by one borehole extending QA quality assurance down to a Castille brine pocket RCRA Resource Conservation and Recovery E1E2 a scenario in which the WIPP repository Act is breached by two boreholes, one Rf retardation factor extending down to a Castille brine RH Remote handled pocket and sealed above He repository SECO computer code used in modeling horizon, and the other providing a flow hydrology path above the Salado SIT specific-ion interaction Meow EACBS Engineered Alternatives Cost/Benefit SAL Sandia National Laboratories Study SPM systems prioritization method EAMP Engineered Alternatives STTP Source Term Test Program Multidisciplinary Panel TRU literally, transuranic (i.e., wig atomic EATF Engineered Alternatives Task Force number greater than that of uranium)

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