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C Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 158-160

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From page 158...
... CAcronyms and Abbreviations ACTS ANSI API ASCII ASOP ATM Advanced Communications Technology Satellite American National Standards Institute Application programming interface American Standard Code for Information Interchange Affordable Systems Optimization Process Asynchronous transfer mode; Automated teller machine Command, control, communications, computing, and intelligence CAD Computer-aided design CAPS Center for the Analysis and Prediction of Storms CFD Computational fluid dynamics CIC Committee on Information and Communications CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific Command CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture CSTB Computer Science and Telecommunications Board CT Computerized tomography DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency DOD Department of Defense ECG Electrocardiogram EDI Electronic data interchange ERLink Emergency Response Link 158
From page 159...
... APPENDIX C FCC FEMA FTP GETS GII GIS GPS HE HPCCI HPF HTML HTTP IETF IF JTF JWID LAN MAD MB ONE MIME MIT MLP MPI MRI NASA NCS NEXRAD NII NI/USR NOAA NSF 159 Federal Communications Commission Federal Emergency Management Agency File Transfer Protocol Government Emergency Telecommunications Service Global information infrastructure Geographic information system Global positioning system High frequency High Performance Computing and Communications Initiative High Performance Fortran HyperText Markup Language HyperText Transfer Protocol Internet Engineering Task Force Internet Protocol Information Wide-Area Year Joint task force Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration Local area network Multidisciplinary analysis and design Multicast Backbone Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension Massachusetts Institute of Technology Multilevel precedence Message passing interface Magnetic resonance imaging National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Communications System Next Generation Weather Radar National information infrastructure National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Science Foundation Object Linking and Embedding
From page 160...
... 160 APPENDIX C PC Personal computer PDES/STEP Product Data Exchange using the Standard for the Exchange of Product model data PIN Personal identification number R&D Research and development RFC Request for Comments (Internet) SITA Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques SQL Structured Query Language TCP Transmission Control Protocol TSIMMIS The Stanford-IBM Manager of Multiple Information Sources UAV Unmanned aerial vehicle URL Uniform Resource Locator URN Uniform Resource Name VHF Very high frequency VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language VSAT Very small aperture terminal WAIS Wide Area Information Service WWW World Wide Web

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