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Appendix: Committee on Small Water Supply Systems Biographical Information
Pages 205-210

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From page 205...
... In 1980, he coauthored the textbook Water Chemistry, published by John Wiley & Sons. He has been a trustee of the American Water Works Association Research Foundation and president of the Association of Environmental Engineering Professors; he now is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of the American Water Works Association and vice-chair of the Drinking Water Committee of the Environmental Protection Agency's Science Advisory Board.
From page 206...
... Stephen E Himmell is vice president of engineering and Kankakee district manager for Consumers Illinois Water Company, the Illinois branch of Consumers Water Company that manages a larger number of water supply systems around the United States.
From page 207...
... In his current position, he directs design of pilot drinking water treatment plant testing programs and works with water utilities to optimize their operations. He has a wide range of experience in water treatment technology development; he has conducted research on water filtration for removal of Giardia cysts, bacteria, and turbidity and on the modification of water quality for corrosion control.
From page 208...
... Staff Jacqueline A MacDonald is a senior staff officer at the National Research Council's Water Science and Technology Board.
From page 209...
... His book The Northern Forest, co-authored with Richard Ober, won the Vermont Book Publishers Association "Book of the Year" award in 1995. Dobbs has edited texts on sports physiology, construction, sailing, horticulture, and natural resource issues; he writes frequently for publications including Popular Science, Forest Notes, The Boston Globe, Vermont, Vermont Life, Parenting, and Eating Well.

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