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2 Recommendations for Research
Pages 10-12

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From page 10...
... These recommendations are not intended to define precisely designed studies, but rather to indicate the general areas in which it appears that the uncertainties can most probably be narrowed. Because further uncertainties and even new causal mechanisms could emerge, research programs that address this problem should be flexible enough to accommodate changing scientific information needs.
From page 11...
... However, these studies depended on an analysis of strontium-90 fallout from atmospheric nuclear tests, which were dominated by multimegaton bursts that resulted in stratospheric injection of the radioactive debris, and thus avoided early rainout. Current arsenals comprise mainly submegaton warheads, which would inject a major share of their radioactivity into the mid-latitude troposphere.
From page 12...
... The errors in dating volcanic eruption products increase with increasing age: hence the youngest great volcanic explosions offer the best opportunity to correlate climate changes with particular explosions. Research is also needed to quantify adequately the character and amount of material injected into the atmosphere by large volcanic explosions.

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