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From page 163...
... He served as research director for the Aviation Safety Commission in 1987-1988 and is former associate dean of the School of Public and Environmental Affairs and former director of Indiana University's Transportation Research Center. His current research focuses on airline economics, aviation safety, airport and airway infrastructure, and the environmental impacts of airline and airport operations.
From page 164...
... He joined the airline industry in 1960 after active duty in the United States Air Force and served 24 years at Pan American World Airways in various flight crew and management positions, including vice president of flight operations. He retired from the Air Force in 1976, having served in the New York Air National Guard from 1964 until his retirement.
From page 165...
... Isaac Richmond Nettey is the director of airway science at Texas Southern University. Prior to taking up his current position, he worked in airport operations at Houston Intercontinental Airport after teaching aviation at Northeast Louisiana University.
From page 166...
... He was founder and chief executive officer of an educational software firm that he operated for 8 years before selling to a larger software publisher; he was also founder and president of a nonprofit soaring training organization that is still in existence.
From page 167...
... Fred Workley is the manager of maintenance operations for the National Air Transportation Association. He has 27 years experience in the aviation industry as a pilot, flight engineer, aviation maintenance technician, inspector, and instructor.

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