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Appendix B: Alternative Fluorinating Agents
Pages 103-106

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From page 103...
... As a general rule, the short-lived fluorinating agents listed below would be more effective in a flow system rather than a closed system. The list below is not exhaustive; for example, xenon fluorides, because they are reasonably well known in fluoride chemistry work, are not included.
From page 104...
... This compound is stable at liquid nitrogen temperatures but has a life of only a few seconds at room temperature. It can be generate`d at a few hundred grams per hour in a simple coaxial reactor consisting of a liquid nitrogen-cooled, 1~/2-inch outer-diameter stainless steel jacket with an inner car-rod-heated, 3/~-inch nickel tube.
From page 105...
... . The production rates of KrF2 should be able to be scaled up from the current LANL coaxial laboratory-type reactor systems to enable sufficient feed for stripping lower uranium fluoride residues from the freeboard regions in MSRE drain tanks and off-gas traps.

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