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Appendix C: Contamination Concerns Relating to Radon Gas Spread
Pages 107-108

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From page 107...
... If analytical evaluations on kilogram-sized samples are performed in a standard "hot cell," a large fraction of this gas, at least 10~° alphas per minute, will be released to the cell atmosphere and spread throughout the facility by rapid diffusion through the atmosphere. Radon is known to spread upwind through ventilation ducts and other equipment, leaving alpha particulate contamination wherever it was present.
From page 108...
... C.2 AN EVALUATION OF DOE ALTERNATIVES FOR MSRE Contamination spread from the radon gas will contaminate all equipment with alpha-emitting daughters, some of which emit 2.6-MeV gamma rays as well. The implications of sampling MSRE `drain salts should be considered carefully before a commitment to sample the salts is made, and adequate containment enclosures should be available to handle and analyze samples ofthis type.

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