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Appendix F: List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
Pages 121-122

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From page 121...
... Environmental Protection Agency ER electroref~ning eV electron volts HEIR High Flux isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1ENEL Idaho National Engineering Laboratory LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory MDP Materials Disposition Program MeV million electron volts M-LIS Molecular Laser Isotope Separation MSRE Molten Salt Reactor Experiment MTR Materials Test Reactor, at Idaho National Engineering Laboratory F.1
From page 122...
... F.2 AN EVALUATION OF DOE ALTERNATIVES FOR MSRE MW megawatt NRC National Research Council ORAL Oak Ridge National Laboratory ppm parts per million psia pounds per square inch absolute psig pounds per square inch gauge PUREX plutonium and uranium recovery by extraction R roentgen RDF Radiochemical Development Facility (at ORNL) RH-TRU remote-handled transuranic W ultraviolet WIPP Waste Isolation Pilot Plant

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