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4 Preferred Technical Approach
Pages 45-49

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From page 45...
... I-13) and all the migrated uranium salts originated in the drain tank, it is prudent to assume that all the piping contains uranium in volatile and nonvolatile forms such as uranium hexafluoride (UFO; solid and gas)
From page 46...
... With the present state of knowledge, the pane} considers that some type of fluorination procedure to extract UFO from the salt is the most promising technical approach to address comment 4 above. DEVELOPMENT OF A PREFERRED APPROACH With consideration given to the present state of knowledge of the condition of the Molten Salt Reactor Experiment (MSRE)
From page 47...
... If possible, it should involve removing the presently nonvolatile uranium salts from the piping and tank freeboards and obtaining a material balance.
From page 48...
... large difference in constituent concentration and oxidation state, either melting or fluorination of the flush salts is only a demonstration of the equipment and technique and does not confirm the chemistry of the fuel salts. If all else fails and solid salt removal becomes the proposed operation, it may be necessary to conduct a mockup test to determine the mechanical problems (such as those introduced by the cooling thimbles; the mechanical challenge is greater to remove solids
From page 49...
... A sample of the actual fuel salt, preferably a core sample down through the mass, would make it possible to test several remedies on the actual salt itself before committing to major action that could be irreversible. However, as noted earlier, the decision to obtain a core sample should consider the disadvantageous consequences of possible 22sTh 224Ra and 220Rn contamination Chapter 5 discusses specific technical processes mentioned above that are finder consideration (Peretz, 1996c)

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