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Appendix C: Conventional Concrete Test Procedures
Pages 100-102

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... 2. Water Content Analysis Procedures 2.1 Stanciard Procedure ASTM C1079 2.2 Non-Stanciard Procedures 2.2.1 Concrete Consistency Method 2.2.2 Thermal Concluctivity Methods 2.2.3 Microwave Oven Method (Separation)
From page 101...
... Workability Test - Slump - ASTM C 143 4.7 Non-Standard Workability Tests K-Slump Tester Placeability Apparatus 4.7.3 Remolding Test 4.7.4 Kelly Ball Penetration Test 4.7.5 Thaulow Concrete Tester 4.7.6 Vebe Apparatus 4.7.7 Compacting Factor Test 4.7.8 Wigmore Consistometer 4.7.9 Flow Cone Apparatus 4.7.10 Grout Consistency Meter 4.7.11 Otto Graf Viscosimeter 101
From page 102...
... 1994. Significance of Tests and Properties of Concrete and Concrete-Making Materials, ASTM STP 169C, 4th edition.

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