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Chemical Formulas of Cement Materials
Pages 107-108

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... 1 1 Chemical Formulas of Cement Materials c H S s A N F K M C3S CaO H2O SiO2 SO3 A1203 Na2O Fe2O3 K2O MgO 3CaO SiO2 = tricalcium silicate = elite C2S 2CaO SiO2 = dicalcium silicate = belite C3A c44 C-S-H Afm 3CaO Al2O3 = tricalcium aluminate 4CaO Al203 Fe203= calcium alumina ferrite Calcium silicate hydrate, a colloidal and mostly amorphous gel with a variable composition; this is the major hydration product of Portland cement, constituting approximately 70 percent of the paste, and is the phase providing most of the strength and binding Calcium hydroxide, a hydration product constituting approximately 20 percent of the paste and, while contributing little to the overall strength, buffers the paste pore solution to a pH of approximately 12.5 Tetra-calcium aluminate trisulfate hydrate, usually with some substitution of A1 by Fe and SO4 substituting for hydroxyl 107
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... 108 Aft CHEMICAL FORMULAS OF CEMENTMA7:ERIALS Ettringite, a calcium trialuminate hydrate, usually with some substitution of Al by Fe (C3A-3CSH32 = 3CaO AI2O3 3(~SO4-32H203 Monosulfate C3A CS DH12 = 3CaO Al203 CaSO4 12H2O (Afm with complete SO4 substitution) w/c or w/b Mass ratio of water to cement or binder (cement + mineral admixtures)

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