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Prevention Research Centers: Investing in the Nations Health, 1986-1996
Pages 101-107

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From page 101...
... Appendix E Prevention Research Centers: Investing in the Nation's Health, :198~1996 Program information prepared in 1996 by the Prevention Research Center staff at the CDC.
From page 102...
... University Distinguished Professor and former Dean The Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health rid , ~U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Alar I; ~Public HealthService ~_lJ~_ ALEC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "~
From page 103...
... First Funded Research Theme University of Alabama at Birmingham University of California at Berkeley Columbia University University of Illinois at Chicago TheJohns Hopkins University Universityof Minnesota University of New Mexico University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Universityof Oklahoma Saint Louis University University of South Carolina University of Texas at Houston University of Washington at Seattle WestVirginia University 993 1 993 1 990 1 990 1 993 1 996 1995 1 986 1 994 1 994 1 993 1 986 1 986 1 994 Risk Reduction AmongAfrican-American and Other Underserved Populations Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities: A Model for Action in Chronic Disease Prevention Reduction of Excess Morbidityand Mortality in the Harlem Community Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across the Lifespan Promoting Health and Preventing Disease Among Urban and Rural Adolescents Teen Pregnancy Prevention Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in American Indians Workplace Health Promotion Promoting Healthy Behavior and Disease Prevention in Native American Populations Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Low-lncome Rural Communities Promoting Health Through Physical Activity From Healthy Children to Healthy Adults Keeping Older Adults Healthy and Independent Risk Factors in Appalachia
From page 104...
... Without the structure of the prevention centers program, this multifaceted and interimtitutional interaction might not occur, Anal the rP
From page 105...
... " Judith Sensenbrenner, M.D., M.P.H. Health Officer, Wicomico County, Maryland Train Public Health Professionals By involving academic researchers; federal, state, and local public health workers; personnel from numerous national agencies and community Based organizations; and practitioners from hospitals and managed care environments, the prevention centers program is expanding the capacity of diverse professionals to conduct prevention research and apply fits results.
From page 106...
... Interest has come from other agencies, foundations, and programs that want to invest in CDC-supported research institutes. LINKING RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH PRACTICE 35 a ~ Additional Resources CDC Core 1993 1994 1995 Fiscal Year 1 Benefits of Continuity Sustained support ensures that research in progress remains uninterrupted and that the well-developed research network remains intact.

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