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F: Sampling and Analytic Methods for Zinc Cadmium Sulfide
Pages 310-314

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From page 311...
... The cellulose acetate-nitrate membrane filters are mounted in an openfaced holder with a cowl. The fitter is dyed to provide a dark background for counting particles under ultraviolet illumination, and most of the collected particles are deposited on the smooth upper surface of the filter.
From page 312...
... ROTOROD SAMPLING The Rotorod consists of 2 thin metal rods coated with silicone grease that are attached to the shaft of a small electric motor by a cross arm (Leighton and others 1965~. As the rods move through the air, particles touch their surfaces and are retained by the silicone grease.
From page 313...
... But particles smaller than 0.5 ,um make up only a small fraction of the ZnCdS mass, and on the basis of the particle size distribution of the ZnCdS used at Corpus Christi (Smith and Wolf 1963) , this should not create more than a 1 % negative bias in the estunation of particle concentration.
From page 314...
... ~ 1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - -- - La~ Aver AI~dena, Chefs for the ~ S AN Dugw~ Proving Crouch Outstay, Utah.

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