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H: Review of EPA, ATSDR, and CDC Comments on the Army's Risk Assessment Reports on Zinc Cadmium Sulfide
Pages 334-336

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From page 335...
... The Subcommittee on Zinc Cadmium Sulfide had the opportunity to review comments by EPA, CDC, and ATSDR experts on the Army's risk assessments for releases of ZnCdS in Corpus Christi, TX, and Minneapolis, MN. A total of 7 EPA experts wrote comments, which were summarized by Hugh McKinnon (director of EPA's Health Assessment Group)
From page 336...
... As stated by Robert Huggett, assistant administrator for research and development at EPA, "We found the Army's conclusion of no health threat is likely correct but too narrowly stated." EPA suggested that the Army's assessment documents discuss exposures of sensitive subpopulations, such as children and debilitated adults. There was also concern that inhalation was the only exposure route considered and that neglect of the dermal and oral routes led to underestimation of the cadmium exposure.

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