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From page 361...
... Ames test - A relatively rapid and inexpensive screening procedure using bacteria to determine whether a substance causes mutations. ATSDR - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.
From page 362...
... cohort stu(ly - An epidemiologic study in which a defined group of persons known to be exposed to a potential disease risk factor is followed over time and compared to a group of persons who were not known to be exposed to the potential risk factor to evaluate the differences in rates of the outcome. Also termed a prospective study, follow-up study, incidence study, retrospective cohort, or historical cohort study.
From page 363...
... An administered dose is the amount of substance administered to an animal or human, usually measured in milligrams per kilogram of body weight; milligrams per square meter of body surface area; or parts per million of the diet, drinking water, or ambient air. An effective dose is the amount of the substance reaching the target organ.
From page 364...
... - The lowest dose of a chemical that produced an adverse effect when it was administered to animals in a toxicity study. malignant tumor - A tumor that has invaded neighboring tissue and/or undergone metastasis to distant body sites.
From page 365...
... pollutant - Any material entering the environment whose nature, location, or quantity produces undesired effects. potency - The degree of ability to cause strong physiologic or toxic effects.
From page 366...
... target organ - The specific organ affecter} by a close of a toxic substance; not necessarily the organ receiving the highest concentration. teratogen - Substance that causes birth defects (malformation or serious deviation from normal development of embryos and fetuses)

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