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... Agenda of the February 1996 Workhop OPENING REMARKS Patenting Research Tools and the Law What Should be Public and What Should be Private in Science and Technology ? Sharing Intellectual Property: Empirical Studies of Scientific Exchange Among Human Genome Researchers CASE STUDY DISCUSSIONS Recombinant DNA Eric Fischer, Board on Biology, National Research Council Rebecca Eisenberg, University of Michigan Richard Nelson, Columbia University Steven Hilgartner, Cornell University Moderator: Sidney Winter, Wharton School of Business Floyd Grolle, Stanford University Lita Nelsen, Massachusetts Inst.
From page 76...
... Waclaw Szybalski, University of Wisconsin Moderator: Gerald Rubin, UC-Berkeley William Haseltine, Human Genome rig ~ sciences Thomas Caskey, Merck Research Laboratories James Sikela, University of Colorado Moderator: Barbara Mazur, DuPont Nemours Co. Ellen Daniell, Roche Molecular Systems Bernie Poiesz, University of Syracuse Tom Gallegos, Oncorpharm Moderator: William Comer, SIBIA Inc.
From page 77...
... AGENDA University Private Sector Government General Discussion 77 Gerald Rubin, University of California at Berkeley Lila Nelsen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leon Rosenberg, Bristol-Myers Squibb Thomas D'Alonzo, Genvec, Inc. Harold Varmus, National Institutes of Health Moderator: Ronald Sederoff

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