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1 Introduction
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... consists of the following: The machine integration and interpretation of data and their presentation in a fond convenient to the human operator or user (i.e., displays, human intelligence emulated in computational devices, and simulation and synthetic environments) .2 The bidirectional communication of information between two powerful Modification of the definition presented in Patrick Winston, Artificial Intelligence, 3rd Edition, AddisonWesley, Reading, Mass., 1992, p.
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... These are fundamental problems whose solution is critical to national needs."4 3NRL Human Computer Interaction Laboratory information brochure 1991. 4 CommiKee on Physical, Mathematical and Engineering Sciences, Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology, Grand Challenges: High The panel tailored this concept to its work in the following manner: Grand challenge areas are those fundamental problem areas to which the application of scientific and engineering resources will yield much-needed improvements in capabilities and performance.
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... 73. NRL PRIORITY TOPICS Software production Interface technology, speech synthesisirecognition Adaptive software, speech synthesis/recognition, neural networks Adaptive software, speech synthesis/recognition, neural networks Interface technology, speech synthesis/recognition Neural networks challenges in machine learning, reasoning under uncertainty, and neurophysiological models of cognition.

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