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2 Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interface
Pages 4-6

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From page 4...
... This goal has manifested itself in strong support for and pressure to advance technologies that Permit total replacement of humans in hostile environments by "satisfactory" perceiving, reasoning, and acting mechanical-electronic surrogates; Permit combinations of robots and humans to carry out needed functions in hostile environments with minimal or much reduced risk to the human; Permit remote control of robots or human-robot systems in hostile environments to substantially reduce the risk to the human; Improve dramatically via education and training the capability of humans to perform satisfactorily in hostile environments, principally via simulation, emulation, and modeling processes and procedures; and Expedite the design, development, and manufacture of products, systems, and platforms of high quality in a timely manner and at least cost via concurrent engineering, computer-aided design (CAD) , computer-aided manufacturing 4 Chapter 2 (CAM)
From page 5...
... Linking the strategic planning process to known Navy needs for AI and HCT technology, particularly during this period of restructuring and downsizing when operational leverage is paramount, will allow NRL to better assess its research and programmatic strengths alongside those of other defense research centers and laboratories. NRL management should manage and support AI as a recognized scientific specialty area within computer science.
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... Budgets for both Al and HCI should reflect the need for periodic equipment replacement and modemization due to the rapid obsolescence of supporting equipment.

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